Display and access you favourite albums, with this beautifully crafted handmade and hand finished, walnut and maple record stand.  Everyone knows that 75% of owning a record is the joy of playing it. The unique sound, the warmth, your favourite album. But what about the other 25%? The album art, the joy of taking a record out of the sleeve and placing it on your turntable. The dropping of the needle.


With a simple sleek design, this solid wood record stand really does complement. New collectors use it to hold all of their records, around 50. More seasoned record collectors who may have thousands use it to access their current top 50, although this is likely to change on a regular basis.


Our record stands are made to order. Estimated delivery is approximately 2 weeks from order.

Walnut & Maple Record Stand

  • Made to hold approx 50 records