Alcove cupboards

Alcove cabinets really are a timeless classic. Apart from bringing some real character to a room, they  have great potential for storage and display.  


A popular configuration is to  have two cabinets, one for each alcove. On one side, often the lower cupboard, is a great place to put a flat screen TV on, with accessories like a games console, DVD/ Blu-ray player, or a sky box stored underneath. The other side can be a more relaxing area, often used as a space to put a lamp on, store books, or even a place to rest a coffee on.  We also work in conjunction with a local electrician, so can offer LED lights in your shelving that work with a remote control giving you the ability to control the white tones and lighting levels.

Over the years, Davies and Foster have made and fitted a number of alcove cabinets in and around the Cheshire area. People choose us because we are a small, family run, local team of Cheshire craftsmen and designers. We have a great reputation for quality, and can take you through the whole project one step at a time.

If you are thinking about a set of alcove cabinets, we'd love to hear form you.

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