Hello and welcome to our project board. This is a place where customers can come and see the status of their project in real time.


If you are an existing customer, and want to skip straight to the list of our current projects, please click here, otherwise, read on to find out more on how we work and our process.


A Bespoke Approach


All our work is bespoke. We take the raw material, which is your chosen wood, and turn it into a lovely piece of furniture. In order to do this, we have developed a system that is both fair, and puts emphasis on design and quality.

Stage 1 - Getting in touch

Call us, email us, or drop us a message on social media, we'd love to have a chat about your project ideas.

Stage 2 - The Quotation

The way we do quotations has changed, we made the adjustments as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. We now, depending on the project, can either do a face-to-face meeting, a video call, and can even price from drawings and sketches. As each project is different, the way we gain information to price the project can be discussed on the initial chat during stage 1.


Either way, by the end of stage 2, you will have a detailed quotation.

Stage 3 - Getting on our live Project Board

At Davies & Foster, we use a staged payment system, which comes into effect after a quotation has been accepted.


We ask for an initial deposit of 10% of the project value. This payment shows commitment on both sides, and is required to get on our Project Board, and therefore start the ball rolling. This gets you in the queue for both design, make and fit time. If the status of your project is waiting, this means we have received your 10%, but are currently on with other projects. You will see yourself move up the list as we complete projects at the top of the board.


Stage 4 - Design

As you get closer to the top, we will be in touch with regards to your design.  After consultation with Beth, our in-house Interior Designer, you will receive an in depth document that incorporates detailed drawings, 3D visuals and concept boards that will all help visualise your design in your space.  

Once your design has been approved, and your second payment of 70% has been received, your status will change to design approved. We will then schedule  time to make your project, and at this point, we can start to talk about estimated delivery / installation dates.

Stage 5 - Making

Once your project status is in the making phase, you are nearly there. We will now be discussing fitting dates, and keeping you updated on progress. 

All our projects are made and finished, including spray paint finishes, in our workshop in Backford, Chester by our team, Mark & Billy. 

Stage 6 - Fitting

The final 20% of your project value will be taken once we have installed your project. 

Once again, all fitting is completed by our team.


 Congratulations, we really hope you enjoy you new piece of furniture.

Project Board